Introducing the World's First Culture Benefits™ Platform for all of Your Employee Programs

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Espresa is the world’s first all-in-one Culture Benefits™ platform dedicated to helping HR and people teams design, launch, scale, and measure workplace employee program success.

Less time spent on administration

Espresa’s platform dramatically reduces hours spent on point-solution administration.

Culture programs can take up a lot of time. You have to select a vendor, ensure compliance, negotiate rates, figure out schedules, promote the program, solicit feedback, pay the vendor and then schedule it all again


Get unmatched employee engagement

Espresa’s customers’ increase employee engagement rates by as much as 95%. 

When you make it easy for employees to discover, schedule, and provide real-time feedback for your workplace programs, you’ll see dramatic results both for your employee experience and business outcomes.


Why guess when you can know?

Identify trends, track ROI, and justify your budget.

With Espresa you’ll know exactly which programs employees value most with our robust analytics. This ensures that you can focus and reserve budget for what employees really want.

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Our programs, your programs, all on one platform.


Every organization is different. Espresa’s platform is modular and customizable to your needs, helping you manage, promote, and monitor your unique cultural initiatives.


Programs we support for you

Manage culture benefits like a boss

If you feel like your employee programs are running you, take charge with Espresa’s platform. Spend your time optimizing instead of managing.

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Scale your workplace programs

Sure it works in the home office, but what about your other campuses? With Espresa, you can expand your culture benefits and employee experience programs in minutes.

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Espresa Customer Testimonials

“Espresa allows us the flexibility to offer attractive non-traditional benefits that are viewed by job candidates and employees as a key differentiator among employers.”

— Sharawn Connors, VP of Total Rewards and Diversity at Flex

“We look to Espresa to help differentiate us from other biotech companies. As the costs of other benefits rise, it is gratifying to provide significant value to employees with minimal cost.”

— David Nagler, SVP HR, Audentes, former VP of HR at Genentech

“Espresa made it easy for the Workplace team and the Benefits team to provide excellent programs to employees without weighing us down in more administrative work.”

— Addi McClure, Workplace Administrator at Box

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