Growing Pains? Not with Espresa

Multiple Cities. New Programs. Employee Resources Groups. No Problem.

The Espresa’s platform helps you scale with ease.


Geography is a state of mind

With Espresa, you can customize options by location for greater employee engagement.

Streamline and scale your program offerings to all campuses around the globe.


The Espresa Vendor Network

Our network of pre-screened service partners are ready to help you quickly and easily add the quality programs enjoyed by top companies.

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Ramp Up Popular Programs

Do you know how many fitness classes you have to schedule per week to meet the needs of your organization?

You would if you had Espresa.

With real-time reporting and integrated employee feedback, you’ll know which programs employees value most.

Welcome to Espresa:

The world’s first all-in-one Culture Benefits™ platform. Supporting HR and people teams, Espresa helps drive workplace culture through non-traditional programs like onsite wellness, fitness reimbursements, employee resource groups, and rewards + recognition.

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Your Programs, Our Platform


Every organization is different. Espresa helps you manage, promote and monitor your unique cultural initiatives.


Supported Workplace Programs

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Espresa Platform Overview

Discover how makes managing workplace programs easy.

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Energous Success Story

Winning the war for talent with a superior employee experience.

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One Size Fits None

5 generations view workplace programs differently.

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