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If you are a service provider looking to grow your business, increase customer loyalty, and create a pipeline of repeat business, Espresa wants to hear from you.

Espresa is a human resources SaaS platform that can increase your exposure to some of the world’s best known companies.

World Class Clients

Have you ever dreamed of working with companies like Tesla, Box, and Workday? Espresa helps you get in front of these customers with a platform that allows them to easily add your services to their list of existing programs. Make your business more efficient and productive!

Simplified Billing

Invoicing, billing and payment follow up can be a hassle for any company. With Espresa, we simplify payments directly to our service providers so you don’t have to worry about invoicing. You get to focus on your work and get paid on time. We take the hassle out of providing your services to businesses.

Ramp Up Your Services

Espresa’s intuitive platform makes it easy for employees to find, book and pay for services, which means that you’ll gain exposure to more clients. In fact, companies that use our platform not only have more engaged employees, they have increased attendance for programs over time.

Take the Guesswork Out of Feedback

A built in rating system allow employees to easily provide feedback with up to five stars and comments. You’ll quickly discover what your clients enjoy most and if there’s any room for improvement.

Espresa's Service Partners are Talking...

“Working with Espresa has provided us the opportunity to reach more people in our community. Espresa is very enjoyable to work with. The staff are amazing people who work hard to establish relationships with local companies who are looking for our services.”

— Dr. Vitaly Mozeson, DC, Co-owner, National Wellness Providers

“It’s a pleasure and smooth sailing working with Espresa. Espresa’s outreach and top administrative services provide an outstanding platform to implement our services. Their platform has allowed us to reach more clients and significantly increase our business.”

— Serge Dautricourt, Owner, RejuvAtWork

“We partnered with Espresa to help raise employee awareness and increase usage of our services at existing client sites. We’ve been very pleased with usage levels increasing and even doubling within just a few weeks.”

— Kay Mandegarian, CEO, PurpleTie

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