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Espresa helps level the playing field

A diverse array of workplace programs used to be reserved solely for larger corporations. Not anymore. Welcome to Espresa!

Connect with your Employees through Workplace Programs

Espresa brings the tremendous benefits of implementing a workplace wellness program and so much more to increase employee engagement.

Health and wellness programs are the most popular, but employees love onsite lifestyle programs that help them get their everyday tasks done more efficiently. They also love to create their own programs like a bike club or women’s professional development program. Espresa can help you do all of that quickly and easily.

One Mighty Tool for all Your Workplace Programs

Espresa offers you a workplace programs administration tool with built in vendor management, transaction management, employee feedback and ratings, multiple location control, and an integrated calendar.

Know What’s Working

Platform analytics help you to track ROI, so you can show the value of the workplace programs you provide.

Employee feedback and ratings are tracked, so you’ll know which programs your employees love to help you make better budget decisions.

Your Programs, Our Platform


Every organization is different. Espresa helps you manage, promote and monitor your unique cultural initiatives.


Supported Workplace Programs


Workplace Programs

Attract Top Talent and give them a reason to stay.

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One Size Fits None

4 different generations view employee programs differently.

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Employee Programs Overview

Discover how Espresa brings great employee programs to all.

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