Espresa's Customers

Our customers are leading industry trends like bringing medical services on campus and offering employee wallet funding models that have lead to nearly 100% employee engagement. Their programs. Their culture. Our robust platform.


Technology Customers

How can any company compete with the giant tech companies? They can if they have Espresa.

Our technology customers go beyond wellness and fitness, integrating employees’ work with their lives through employee run programs, like wine clubs or knowledge sharing programs, so they can help to shape the company culture.

Some of Espresa’s technology customers include:
Pandora, Box, Okta, Workday and Pinterest


Manufacturing Customers

Connecting disparate teams spread across the globe can be challenging, especially when your HR department is centralized.

Espresa’s manufacturing customers find that having one easy place to communicate all company events and programs increases employee engagement, as is rewards and recognition to keep your top employees motivated.

Some of Espresa’s Manufacturing customers include:
Tesla and Flex


Healthcare Customers

Top talent is always a challenge, so finding ways to differentiate your company and relieve the stress of daily life in the healthcare industry is imperative.

Our healthcare clients find that offering stress management and wellness programs provide employees the relieve they deserve so they can concentrate on their work.

Some of Espresa’s Healthcare customers include:
Audentes Therapeutics and Genomic Health


Government Customers

In government, it’s all about who you know. Your employees are what makes your company great, so attracting and retaining top talent is imperative to your business.

Our government customers especially enjoy the health and wellness programs and time-saving onsite programs like dry cleaning, refueling and personal grooming that they can deploy across all their office locations in Washington, D.C. and around the globe.

Some of Espresa’s Government customers include:
SRI International and Acumen


Legal & Finance Customers

Time is money, which is why it’s so imperative to take the burden of life’s little inconveniences off your team. Small tasks like repairing a phone, having your teeth cleaned or dry cleaning, can add up.

Our clients find that offering these programs onsite increases productivity and employee engagement.

Some of Espresa’s Legal & Finance customers include:
Kilpatrick Townsend and Griffin Capital

Espresa's Customers Are Talking...

“As companies vie for top talent, there is now more focus than ever before on expanding the portfolio of employee programs. Administering programs like reimbursements adds a significant burden to already stressed HR and benefits teams. Espresa’s platform handles this capability efficiently and allows companies to fund activities that match and promote their culture.”

— Peter Navin, VP HR at Grand Rounds and author of The CMO of People

“Employees want to feel valued for their hard work, especially if they’re working on a tough project or going the extra mile on the job. Being rewarded and recognized, especially in front of their peers, enhances that sense of appreciation and validates their contribution to the company.”

— Gabrielle Toledano, former Chief People Officer at Tesla and Electronic Arts

“Espresa is the first-ever platform to focus on providing employees with workplace programs in a big way. The automation, efficiency and analytics enable every company to deploy and manage amazing workplace employee programs and compete for top talent.”

— Joe Farris, Co-Founder of Nua Group and former Senior Partner and San Francisco Office Leader of Mercer

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The world’s first all-in-one Culture Benefits™ platform. Supporting HR and people teams, Espresa helps drive workplace culture through non-traditional programs like onsite wellness, fitness reimbursements, employee resource groups, and rewards + recognition.

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