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November 11, 2018

Espresa Attains 100 Percent Customer Retention Rating

The Company Helping Employers Deliver World-Class Programs Outperforms Industry Standard for Customer Retention by Providing a World-Class Experience


PALO ALTO, Calif.– Espresa, the company that powers great workplaces, today announced that it has achieved a 100 percent customer retention rating — far surpassing the SaaS industry standard of 42-69 percent for small to mid-size companies, 78-89 percent for mid-market businesses, and 90-94 percent for enterprise-level organizations.


“Espresa uses customer feedback to continuously develop improvements to our platform,” said Espresa co-founder and chief technology officer Raghavan Menon. “We listen to what our customers need, partner with them to identify new features, find a way to implement solutions quickly, and strive to provide a flawless user experience. We are working hard for our clients, and it’s immensely gratifying to see that work paying off.”


Simplifying Workplace Programs for Employees and HR


Espresa is the first HR tech software focused exclusively on providing companies with the ability to manage workplace programs. Using the Espresa platform, employees can easily discover what is happening on campus, how and when to sign up, and where to provide feedback—all from one platform with a modern, consumer-grade UI experience. Any program a company implements can be run through the Espresa platform, including:


  • Yoga, meditation, massages, flu shots, biometric screenings, and other health and wellness offerings
  • Employee-run clubs and resource groups
  • Company events, seminars, picnics, and holiday parties
  • Reimbursement and allowance management
  • Employee recognition and rewards with custom experiences


Elevating the Customer Experience


In order to achieve a 100 percent customer retention rating, Espresa had to provide customers with a world-class platform and a superior experience, which involved:


  • Being a partner, not just a vendor. Espresa addresses and implements customer feedback quickly. This improves platform functionality and allows clients to create custom programs that increase employee engagement and demonstrate a continuous improvement to ROI.
  • More employee engagement, less administrative work. With employee benefits costs continually rising, Espresa offers their customers a way to improve the employee experience at a minimal cost. Clients can implement and maintain workplace programs without getting bogged down in spreadsheets and paperwork.
  • Flexibility onboarding existing service vendors. Espresa provides service vendors with access to automation tools for purposes of streamlining their interactions with clients and has continued to grow its pre-certified service provider network to more than 150 vendors supporting over 300 services globally.


“We have a culture of continuously supporting our existing customers through the service desk and consultative quarterly business review, plus ongoing discussions of best practices, new programs, and creative solutions to support programs that are not getting traction,” added Luis Doffo, Espresa vice president of sales. “We are very committed to keeping our customers happy and coming back for more.”


About Espresa


Espresa empowers companies to provide world-class programs that employees love and associate with the best places to work. As the world’s first employee programs automation platform, Espresa is dedicated to helping benefits teams manage, scale and measure all their workplace employee programs. Companies can now easily manage their health, fitness and wellness programs; company events; lifestyle services; employee resources groups; and rewards, recognition and reimbursement programs.


Espresa is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Learn more at


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