Espresa Vendor Network

Bringing the top corporate wellbeing, fitness and lifestyle convenience partners to your company


Top Corporate Wellbeing Service Partners

Espresa has some of the top corporate wellbeing companies bringing you services like massage, meditation, nutrition services, doctor, chiropractor flu shots and BMI.

Have your own preferred vendors?

Not a problem, Espresa will onboard existing programs and vendors ensuring a smooth transition to the new platform.


Top Corporate Fitness Partners

Espresa’s network of corporate fitness companies allows you to choose the vendor that’s right for you. Classes include the most popular types of fitness like bootcamp, hip hop, personal training, pilates, yoga and zumba.


Top Lifestyle Convenience Partners

Life is full of unexpected surprises, which is why when your phone, car, clothing or accessories break down, it can take time out of your work day to complete this task. Lifestyle convenience companies include mobile phone and tablet repair, tax preparation, shoe repair, eyewear, dry cleaning, car repairs and refueling services.

Welcome to Espresa:

The world’s first all-in-one Culture Benefits™ platform. Supporting HR and people teams, Espresa helps drive workplace culture through non-traditional programs like onsite wellness, fitness reimbursements, employee resource groups, and rewards + recognition.

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