Fitness in a Box: Part Four

Implement, Manage, Measure and Scale Your Fitness and Wellness Programs

Fitness and wellness programs are about improving the employee experience, not creating extra work for HR departments. Using an automated programs platform for your fitness and wellness initiative not only takes care of those administrative burdens, but it also makes data collection and analytics an easier, more valuable process.

Espresa’s Fitness-in-a-Box program provides a turnkey solution for your fitness and wellness initiative.

Get Your Workplace Wellness Program Up and Running in Two Weeks

Improving fitness and wellness takes time, but getting your corporate program started doesn’t have to. Because Espresa’s automated platform (which features a national network of providers) is built to efficiently perform all of the back-end administrative tasks, creating a fitness and wellness program is as simple as clicking a few buttons.

Get in touch with our team now to set up your consultation, or continue reading to learn more about how Espresa can help you and your team start improving the employee experience with our automated platform.

Transform Your Workplace With Fitness in a Box

When employees are healthier, the entire company is healthier. Espresa’s Fitness-in-a-Box initiative solves the challenges associated with managing fitness and wellness programs to help your organization improve employee engagement, satisfaction and retention.


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Fitness in a Box comes with:

A Simple, Streamlined Platform

With Espresa, all of your program information is managed in one central location. All on the platform itself, authorized users can:

  • Set up classes and seminars
  • Select vendors
  • Schedule and promote events
  • Gather data
  • Analyze feedback

A National Collection of Pre-Vetted Vendors

Espresa has partnered with hundreds of high-quality vendors across the country to offer users a list of pre-vetted service providers with positive reviews and completed background checks.

Users can access these vendors, schedule them and pay them right from the platform.

Robust Promotional Material

Getting employees to use your program is key; the best corporate wellness program in the world is useless if no one participates. Espresa’s platform allows you to create your own professional-looking event banners, newsletters, service reminders and email/SMS alerts to get employees interested in and excited about your program.

True Usage Reporting

Attendance is a powerful metric for fitness and wellness programs, since it allows you to see which offerings are the most popular, which classes aren’t doing well and which employees are the most engaged. Espresa’s check-in functionality provides easy access to that data.

With this information, you can adjust according to employees’ interests and availability. You can also make the case for adding to your program based on popularity and attendance.

Visibility Into Participant Feedback
Knowing what employees think about your program offerings is just as important as knowing whether or not they’re using them. On Espresa’s platform, employees can provide detailed feedback that you can access from a single location.

Support Remote Employees
It’s important to engage remote employees working from smaller satellite offices or working from home. Using Espresa, remote employees can access a local gym, yoga studio or spin class with one of our partners. The company can take advantage of the discounted rate and also reimburse employees through the Espresa platform.

Customize and Scale Your Program
Fitness in a Box is designed to be used across all of your corporate locations. The Espresa team will help you scale your programs so that they benefit every employee, no matter how large or small the campus.

Every company is different, so every corporate fitness and wellness program is going to be unique. Fitness in a Box is completely customizable. On the platform, administrators can:

  • Create an interactive calendar with classes and services
  • Process transactions for partially-subsidized and employee-paid offerings
  • Design custom announcements
  • Monitor utilization through class check-in functionality
  • Analyze employee feedback through ratings and reviews
  • Brand the platform with company logos and colors

Improving employees’ health will improve the overall health of your organization. To learn more about implementing fitness and wellness at your organization, talk to Espresa about Fitness in a Box today.

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