The Espresa Platform

Bringing world-class workplace employee programs to everyone

Espresa takes the guesswork out of providing workplace programs with the world’s first employee programs automation platform.


Reduce Administrative Burdens

Managing workplace programs can take up so much time. You have to select a vendor, ensure compliance, negotiate rates, figure out schedules, promote the program, solicit feedback, pay the vendor and then schedule it all again.

Espresa does this with a click of a button.


Control in a Click

Whether you’re adjusting subsidies, approving reimbursements or assigning an employee privileges to create their own club, you have control over your workplace all within the Espresa platform.


Rest Your Voice

When you have a lot going on, promotions can get buried in email, flyers are easily forgotten, and calendar invites ignored.

With Espresa, all your programs are in one place with a central calendar, so employees always know what’s going on and you can streamline your promotions.


Metrics That Matter

Program popularity, employee engagement, transactions per employee, time spent on activities, all of this at the touch of a button with Espresa’s real-time analytics.

Make smarter subsidy decisions and show your programs are working with analytics like you’ve never experienced.

Your Programs, Our Platform


Every organization is different. Espresa helps you manage, promote and monitor your unique cultural initiatives.


Supported Workplace Programs

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