Improve Workplace Diversity

Create an inclusive workplace culture for every employee

Workplace programs go a long way toward improving employee engagement and satisfaction, but only if they’re inclusive to every employee. A lack of diversity in your programming can leave some employees feeling alienated and excluded.

Implementing workplace activities with a focus on diversity and inclusion shows employees that they are valuable to the organization. Increasing that sense of equality among your employees helps to develop a healthy workplace culture.

On Espresa’s unique platform, companies can easily design, schedule, promote and manage diversity and inclusion programs. The platform also takes care of administrative tasks like selecting vendors, adjusting subsidies and approving reimbursements.

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Diversity and Inclusion Groups

Employees who are in a minority can feel alienated within the workplace. Diversity and inclusion groups provide a place for them to share their challenges, brainstorm inclusion ideas and foster a sense of belonging in the organization.

Popular Peer-to-Peer Groups:
African-American Business Leadership for Excellence
Hispanic Leadership Association
Military and Veteran Employment Network

Employee-Led Fitness and Wellness Programs

Many companies have a multi-talented workforce.

Employees may have their own fitness or wellness certification and would love to connect with their colleagues and share their talents.

Popular Peer-to-Peer Programs:
Employee-Led Yoga
Employee-Led Pilates
Employee-Led Meditation

Corporate Clubs

Special interest groups are a great way for employees to engage in their passions with their coworkers.

It’s a great way to relieve stress and foster a sense of community.

Popular Corporate Clubs:
Wine Tasting
Bike Clubs

Affinity Groups

Your employees have the power to cultivate corporate programs and make them their own, which contributes to the corporate culture and keeps them engaged at a high level with their colleagues.

Popular Peer-to-Peer Programs:
Toastmasters – public speaking club
Home-brewers group
Book club

Peer-to-Peer Professional Development

Businesses can be siloed by departments, which is why peer-to-peer programs are vital to connecting like-minded individuals across the organization.

These programs engage employees in a way that makes everyone feel more connected while building valuable skills and knowledge.

Popular Peer-to-Peer Programs:
Women in Leadership
Coding Camps

Espresa supports all your workplace programs:


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