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Discover the most popular workplace employee programs below.


Fitness, Health and Wellness Programs

Designed to improve the overall wellbeing and health of your employees, corporate fitness and wellness programs are the backbone of modern workplace employee programs. They are also time consuming to produce if you don’t have a platform like Espresa.

Stay Healthy


Company Events

Company events can be a challenge to produce. Understanding dietary needs and getting employees to RSVP can take up a lot of time. With Espresa, it’s all done at the click of a button.

Come Together


Rewards & Recognition

Showing your employees they’re valued and providing them with a reward that is meaningful is necessary for reducing employee churn.

Espresa’s platform allows employees to easily be recognized and for personalized rewards to be administered.

Get Noticed


Employee Resource Groups &

Employees are now stepping up to fill the gap in company culture with a variety of programs like fitness classes, affinity groups and charitable giving.

Espresa makes it easy for their voices to be heard while allowing your company to keep control.

Grow Your Culture

Workplace Programs



No company can provide every program to please every employee, which is why reimbursements are valuable, but have been cumbersome to administer.

Until Espresa.

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