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Take the pain out of reimbursements

Did you know that companies that provide allowances see employee engagement rates as high as 95%? An allowance model can be administered by employee wallet or by allowances through reimbursements.



No company can provide every program to please every employee, which is why reimbursements are so popular.

You can show employees you still care about their fitness, education and associated costs in a way that makes it easy to create individual subsidies.

Popular Types of Reimbursements:
Gym Membership
Professional Development & Education Expenses
Travel Costs


Simplified Reimbursement Processing

Espresa takes the pain out of processing reimbursements.

Within our platform, employees can quickly upload reimbursement receipts and HR can approve them at a click of a button.

With built in analytics, you’ll be able to quickly determine employee preferences.

Espresa supports all your workplace programs:


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